Robotics, to us, is much like football is for many others. There is the announcement of the game dates, the preparation, the late nights, the practice, the scouting, and the thrill of the competition….
Dean Kamen, the head of the FIRST organization, has called Robotics competitions “the Super Bowl for smart people.” The Super Bowl is of course extremely expensive, but Team 935 has no income through advertising spots. RaileRobotics spends money on parts, food, transportation, registration fees, hotel bills, etc, but mostly parts. While Newton High School sponsors RaileRobotics (admittedly for slightly less than they sponsor the football team), our team depends on fundraising and other sponsors to participate in FIRST. Sponsors of Team 935 are more than a name in a list. We remember who has supported us and speak highly of them whenever we are given the chance. In addition, depending on the amount donated, we advertise the sponsor on the robot, t-shirt, presentations, and more. Anyone who supports a community activity stands as an outstanding member of the community. Mostly, though, we’ll just appreciate you giving us the opportunity to continue our involvement with FIRST!

We organize our sponsors on tiers.
Our platinum sponsors($5,000 and more) are advertised on our team banner. (Including items below)
Gold sponsors ($3,000 – $4,999) have a sponsor spot on our robot. (Including items below)
Silver sponsors ($1,000 – $2,999) have your logo on the back of our t-shirts. (Including items below)
Bronze sponsors ($100 – $999) are advertised on the website and in our flyers.

Sponsors receive the same benefits as those on the tiers bellow them. Of course, all of our sponsors receive good words from the team!

If you wish to sponsor us and remain unidentified, you will, but we encourage you to take pride in the benefit you are giving to your community.