Throughout the year, all of the students are hard at work. We maintain a website, present to people in the community and businesses and build a robot… Most of the students do not come into the program with the knowledge required to do all of these things. As a result, students refer to tutorials (especially programming and other computer-based jobs) and more experienced team members. But when four years of experience just isn’t enough, we talk to our mentors. As engineers, programmers, and former Robotics students, mentors spent a lot of time and energy trying to guide us through the process without giving us the answers or doing the work for us. They aren’t the only ones who can help, though: even parents act as mentors from time to time. The entire team appreciates any time you volunteer! As a mentor, you will be helping today’s youth overcome the challenges of this year’s game as well as teaching them how to innovate to conquer difficulties. If interested contact us at